Sessions of Spiritual Direction
Spiritual Lives Of Women believes that mothers have a unique spiritual nature that connects us to the creative powers of God and the world around, but too often we can't find time for ourselves let alone found time for God!

Sessions can help you SLOW down and
find God, yourself, and others - Sarah Soriano


It's About Helping You
Spiritual Direction and Consultation Is All About Helping You!

It's about understanding where you are and where you are going on your spiritual journey/your life journey.

It's about clarity. Seeing yourself as God sees you as a beloved Child. Creating a clear focus on your life goals/relationships goals/spiritual goals.

It's about choices, lessons, forgiveness, trust, and above all, taking responsibility for the choices you have made and are continuing to make in your life.

 It's about paying attention - to your energy, your intuitions and the ' God messages' surrounding you that bring you guidance every second of every day.

It's about healing. You may have unresolved grief, loss, regrets, and doubts. Or are experiencing unresolved issues with past relationships. You could have unresolved conflict over a decision made that affected you, your relationships
I give you “homework.”

Because we work with spiritual issues I ask that you keep a journal. Journaling is a great way to explore patterns, see those God moments in our lives that we miss.

I will give you “homework” which relates to our work that session, such as: setting aside time for prayer, or creating a sacred space for yourself.

You are always free to ask any question or voice any concern you may have. Spiritual Direction is always about you and God.  
Evaluating your experience

Evaluating keeps us on track, helps us stay focused on your needs and goals.

You may stop direction at anytime, I just ask for one last session to learn about your experience.  That helps me become a better director.

After two months, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the relationship, it is very important to be comfortable with spiritual direction. Be assured that all sessions are held in confidence.
Individualised Hour Long Sessions of Spiritual Direction: $60.00

The first session is free

The fee for sessions of Spiritual Direction must be paid at the time of the session.

Check / Cash Only
What Spiritual Direction is not:

Spiritual Direction is not psychotherapy, counseling, or financial planning.

Sessions are by appointment only; either in-person, over the phone, or on-line by chat, email
T: 517-290-8930
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