I am so glad you are here.

Like you, I have done quite a bit in my life to answer God's call.


I have done a great deal in my life to bring me to this calling.

Like you I am a mom.  My husband and I have four children two sons and twin daughters, all adults now.  We have experienced quite a bit as parents: sick preemie daughters, rebellious teens, sleepless nights, and time on our knees.  

I begin my professional journey with Catholic Social Services in their Homemaker Program.  I helped moms leave abusive relationships, gave encouragement to moms in crisis, and worked with moms, involved with the family court, teaching parenting techniques. I experienced first hand how encouragement, reassurance, and advocacy supported women and helped them grow emotionally-spiritually. 


As Director of Project Rachel, I worked with many post-abortive women; I saw the spiritual-emotional harm that abortion can cause.  Both these two experiences built with my Mothering Mentoring for child Abuse Prevention Services at their Day Care Center: Family Growth Center, guiding new, young moms from feeling overwhelmed, depressed and lonely, to seeing the world in a more positive light.  There I first created supports, workshops, taught parenting classes.  (Faith Magazine (Lansing Diocese) article )

After working in social service for over a decade and a half, I began to feel the burn out that is so common.  I needed something that would feed my soul.

I took formation at The Dominican Center Of Religious Study at Saint Francis Retreat House, DeWitt, Michigan, graduating in 1998.  God then called to my dream job, working at the parish where all our children went to school.  I became Director of Religious Education for Holy Cross Parish.  There I helped mothers understand their children's spiritual development, as well as journeying with them, work through their issues with their spirituality, faith, and moments of doubts of God’s love.
Which brings me to my specific training as a member of the Theophostic Prayer Ministry; TPM is not counselling, but rather prayer ministry.  TPM gave me yet another tool to use to help moms seeking forgiveness, guidance, insight from God. Theophostic Prayer is a ministry of prayer very similar to Spiritual Direction, so I had to learn more about it.

Recently I was invited to become a counsellor for Together We Heal; an organisation focused on providing counselling and guidance for those who have suffered the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. I, myself, have personally experienced abuse and grow spiritually-emotionally stronger with the support of a faith-filled therapist.

All of these have been a professional answer to the call of God to help moms, but there is also the personal which is the greatest source of my answer.

As I have said, I am a married woman of 31 years and mom of four.   My husband and I have been through all the sleepless nights, worried nights, and up all nights, that comes with being a parent. We have dealt with just about every parenting situation: rebellious teens, sick preemie twins, emotional upheaval. We survived it all with a little humour, lots of love, support and prayer.

No family that is perfect or untouched by something.
Our twin girls were born prematurely at 32 weeks, with our youngest weighing only 2.12.  We have a child with ADHD, one with ADHD and Dyslexia.  A child with depression, and one who deals with epilepsy and a social anxiety disorder.  All in all, the typical family.

With all of this, both professional and personal, I feel I can be a support for you as you seek to hear God's Call.
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